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The Aikido

The Aikido

1 bedroom, 1 bath - 625 sq ft - $799/mo

Aikido is a grappling-style Japanese martial art. It is often translated as "the way of the harmonious spirit." Practitioners aim to protect themselves without inflicting harm on their attackers. Aikido requires great skill and self-discipline.

The Samadhi

The Samadhi

2 bedroom/1.5 bath - 860 sq ft - $959/mo

Samadhi, one who seeks the highest level of concentration and conciousness. The term's etymology involves "sam" (together or integrated), "ā" (towards), and "dhā" (to get, to hold). Thus the result might be seen to be "to acquire integration or wholeness, or truth."

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Floor Plan Features

  • Custom stained concrete flooring
  • Professionally designed interiors
  • Redesigned kitchens featuring granite countertops
  • Updated fixtures & hardware throughout
  • Faux-wood blinds
  • Townhome style "up & down" layout
  • Green technology: energy efficient light bulbs, water-saving showerheads & faucets, 1.1 gallon toilets
  • Water, sewer, trash & cable TV included in rent
Spacious, remodeled, green and fun – live Zen today!